About us

COP25 gathering

Photo credit LWF/Albin Hillert

In November 2021, a group of youth activists and influencers met during COP26 (UN climate summit) in Glasgow, to discuss how we might work together towards COP27 in Egypt. There was a strong sense of energy and excitement for us to stand together and combine our efforts to see a greater impact in our hopes for climate justice. This group of influencers from various denominations, organisations and countries have been meeting together regularly to shape what we now call ‘Climate YES’.

As young Christian climate activists, between the ages of 18-30yrs old, we felt there was a need to hold political leaders to account for decisions and promises made at COP26. In coming together, we want to share our environmental concerns and deepen the common bond of our faith. We want to create a Global Ecumenical Youth Climate community, which will include representatives from the global North and the global South. We will reflect on previous COPs (UN climate summits) and COY (Youth Equivalent of UN Climate Summits) and speak with one voice to decision-makers about what we feel must be done next.

Find out more about us in the document below.